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HCC readies for expansion

By Chris Yurko Health care has long been a robust industry. It accounts for nearly one-sixth of the U.S. economy. Even during the recent recession, as unemployment rose, the nation added health-care jobs, and growth is expected

Health, Fitness and Nutrition programs thrive at HCC

By Ronni Gordon Cori Muddiman was an overweight Home Depot contractor from Springfield who lost more than 100 pounds and became increasingly interested in physical fitness. Omri Rachmut, a native of Jerusalem and a former paratrooper in

Nourishing a Healthy Lifestyle HCC professor – Laura Christoph

By Janice Beetle Laura Christoph ran seven miles a day in high school and weighed only 90 pounds. While competing in a race as a senior at Falmouth High School, she felt something go “click,” and she

Faculty Profile: Ian Camera

Ian Camera is a self-described geek. He loves technology and embraces its value and application in the modern classroom. “I’m a grownup nerd,” he says. But there’s another side to Camera too – the people person, the

The David M. Bartley Center for Athletics & Recreation

By Chris Yurko Between classes, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, when other students are grabbing lunch, chatting up friends or perhaps studying, Eric Tipton works out. He throws on his shorts, puts in his ear buds, turns

Student Profile: Jonathan Mendez

The first time Jonathan Mendez enrolled at HCC, he wanted to be a chef. In 2009, he was enrolled as a Culinary Arts major, but he didn’t finish his first year. “I love to cook, so, I

Student Profile: Amber Nehring

The C-plus Amber Nehring received in a high school chemistry class bothered her a lot. She was a straight A student. She loved chemistry. She knew, though, she hadn’t applied herself. Her professor knew it too. In

The Kittredge Center for Business and Workforce Development

Education & Training You Can Use! Expert training and services that are practical, affordable, and get results for individuals and small, medium, and large companies and organizations.  For individuals No matter where you are in your education

Facts & Finds

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Welcome from the President

This issue of Career Focus appears as we embark on the first physical expansion of the HCC campus since 1974, when the college opened its doors at its current location on Homestead Avenue. Starting in Spring 2014,